What's the difference between your fasting teas and your other teas?

Our Fasting Teas have been developed in partnership with Dr. Jason Fung, the world's leading fasting expert and two-time #1 bestselling author.

These teas are specifically formulated to support your fasting experience. They are a blend of the highest-catechin containing organic green teas and a variety of organic plants, roots and herbs specifically chosen to support your fast and enhance the health benefits (including supporting your gut health, promoting satiety, and regulating your digestion) while also making the process easier for you.

Of course, they can also be enjoyed by anyone who isn't currently practicing intermittent fasting. Additionally, all of our green, black, and herbal teas are still awesome and popular choices for a fasting regimen. Aside from our TCM Mushroom Elixirs (Chaga and Reishi), all of our teas are fasting friendly!

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