Pique Tea Caffeine Levels

Bergamot Green Fasting Tea:  26-43mg

Bergamot Black Fasting Tea:  30-45mg

Ginger Green Fasting Tea:  33-49mg

Matcha Green Fasting Tea:  48-72mg

Sun Goddess Matcha:  54-82mg

Pu'er Green Tea:  41-61mg

Pu'er Black Tea:  58-87mg


Sencha Green Tea:  27-41mg

Mint Sencha Green Tea:  22-33mg

Passion Fruit Green Tea:  25-37mg

Jasmine Green Tea:  34-50mg


English Breakfast Tea:  37-56mg

Earl Grey Tea:  38-57mg

Peach Ginger Black Tea:  32-48mg

Sacred Lily Oolong Tea:  33-49mg

White Peony Tea: 34-52mg


For details on the caffeine levels in each of our teas, we recommend reviewing the individual product pages at www.piquetea.com/collections/all

For convenience, you can also reference our Tea Buying Guide below: 


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