Why are Pique Teas more expensive than other teas?

Most teas on the market do not implement our stringent quality control standards, nor do they harness the highest concentration of natural health properties from the tea leaves. 

For example, we are the first tea company to Triple Toxin Screen all of our teas for heavy metals, pesticides, and toxic mold. At Pique, these strict processing methods to ensure quality and purity, as well as our unique formulation of tea crystals adds a higher manufacturing cost to our products.

Our higher prices reflect these higher costs for quality and innovation. Of course, trying our products is always risk-free since we have a 100% satisfaction promise. If you don't enjoy the teas you purchase, our team will always be happy to assist you with a return and provide you with a full refund. Simply email us at care@piquelife.com. 

That being said, the average cost of a cup of Pique Tea $1.25. If you enjoy a cup of black tea in the morning, green tea in the afternoon, and herbal tea in the evening, this would amount to about $3.00/day. At less than $5 a day for 3 cups of tea, you're still paying less than you would for one typical cup of coffee or espresso at a restaurant or café... 

Plus, coffee is notorious for energy jolts that can lead to jitters and crashes. Tea, on the other hand, contains l-theanine which provides a feeling of calm, sustained energy, without the caffeine crash. Among its many other health benefits.  

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