When should I drink each of the fasting teas?

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  • I clicked on the wrong response by mistake.  No, I'm not satisfied with your response that people with a sensitive stomach (those who get diarrhea on drinking Matcha) need to drink the tea with their meals, though that may well be advisable.  After my experience, I don't want to even mess with matcha again.  I don't trust it.  Please allow me to exchange the two boxes (minus 2 packets) for a different fasting tea.  I have two boxes of the Ginger.  Love that.  These two fasting teas are the only ones I have tried, so I don't know whether I will have a bad reaction to the others.  All other of your teas (and I have bought them all), I do really love and appreciate.  This Match is not for me, and I'm not willing to try again.



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