Can I use the teas for weight loss?

All our teas help with weight loss but aren't considered "weight loss teas." They each have unique properties that can support healthy weight loss and weight management, such as appetite suppression, increased ability to burn fat for energy, improved digestive function, supported malabsorption (non-absorption) of fats and sugars. These are some the reasons they can assist you with your weight loss goals:

1) Combo of caffeine and catechins (green tea antioxidants) increase calorie burn
2) Catechins help suppress cravings
3) Theaflavins (black tea antioxidants) help balance gut flora, in some animal studies showing they reduced the gut microbes associated with obesity
4) Theaflavins also help with malabsorption (passing through your digestive system without absorption into the body) of fats and sugars
We recommend drinking tea with your meals and after meals for weight loss.

To learn more about which teas can support your individual weight loss journey, please check out this blog.

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