What are your fasting teas and how will they help me?

We have 3 Fasting Teas: Matcha Green, Ginger Green and Cinnamon Herbal. They have been formulated with Dr Jason Fung to support your fasting experience.

Ginger Green - Botanicals from Traditional Chinese Medicine like ginger, licorice root, citrus and mint have been used to provide satiety, aid digestion and support gut health for centuries. We have combined them with a blend of Green Tea Crystals to help provide satiety while supporting digestive health.

Matcha Green - A vibrant blend of green teas - Sencha Tea Crystals and Matcha green tea. Fresh with notes of fresh cut grass and the ocean. A clean, refreshing catechin powerhouse.

Cinnamon Herbal - The unique hand-picked blend includes superplants from both Eastern and Western herbalism. Helps increase satiety and support a calm state of mind to help you tackle fasting with ease!

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