Where are teas sourced, and how does this effect their purity?

Our teas are sourced from the world's best tea farmers in locations that produce the world's best teas. No matter where our teas are sourced, we guarantee all of them are triple-toxin screened for Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Toxic Mold. Here are the four main countries our teas are sourced from and how they may affect purities in tea:
1) China accounts for more than 75% premium tea export by value and is by far the number one producer of premium tea globally by volume.
2) Japan has close to zero organic tea. This is because of how their farmland is spaced out, which creates pesticide drift problems. There are a few places in Japan with pure, organic green tea farms, including Kagoshima where our matcha is sourced and quadruple toxin screened. 
3) India and Sri Lanka produce almost no green tea, but plenty of black, with very few of their teas entering the high-end premium category.
4) Africa and South America have become large tea producers because of their flat geography, making it easier for airplanes to spray pesticides and fertilizers over crops which are all industrially planted. 
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