International Shipping -- Everything You Need To Know

We offer international shipping from our main store to locations in the UK, Canada, Australia, and select countries in the EU. Our international shipping services are available through USPS - First-Class Mail International -- corresponding rates will apply based on country, delivery distance, order size, and weight. Exchange rates, customs regulations, restrictions, and tariffs on food and health imports will differ per country and should be anticipated, along with a 14-business day delivery window. 


Typically, for international orders purchased directly from our site, shipping costs tend to range from $16 to $28 per delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping or discounted rates on international shipments.

Our Canada Store

If you are located in Canada and have specific interest in our Fasting Teas, you will be interested to know that we recently opened our new Canada Pique Store. We have partnered with Natura, our Canadian-based distributor, in order to provide you with more favorable shipping costs, delivery times, and reliability. Our Fasting Teas are the first products available for purchase in this store and we hope to expand our product offering customer base in Canada continues to grow.  

We apologize if our international shipping limitations do not meet your needs at this time. We hope to expand our international offerings as our global customer base continues to expand. In the meantime, we strive to offer as many affordable shipping options as possible for you to receive and enjoy our teas.


USPS International tracking numbers help us monitor your package throughout transit until it arrives at customs. Unfortunately, we are unable to track it once it goes through customs and is in transit in the country of delivery. To ensure the safe and timely delivery of your order, we highly recommend checking your country's customs restrictions on food and health products, using a reliable delivery address for international orders, anticipating potential customs and weather delays, checking in with your neighbors and building managers after 14-business days, and double checking the accuracy of your delivery address during checkout.

We cannot fulfill any international returns or refunds after an order is placed and shipped on our website. If your package fails to arrive, please let our team know by contacting us at so we may further assist you.

Alternative Shipping Services

If you are unable to receive our products in your current location, we suggest shipping your package to an intermediary domestic location (such as a US-based relative, spouse or friend), who can then forward the package to you. Alternatively, there are many third-party logistics companies who specialize in these services to meet your international shipping needs.

Here are some resources we've gathered that can provide such services: 

Please note, we are not affiliated with these companies and cannot guarantee the quality of their services.


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