International Shipping -- Locations, Policies, And Everything You Need To Know

We offer international shipping from our main store to locations in the UK, Canada, Australia, and select EU countries. Our international shipping services are only available through USPS - First-Class Mail International -- corresponding rates apply based on country, delivery distance, order size, and weight. Exchange rates, customs regulations, restrictions and tariffs on food and health imports for products like ours differ country-to-country and should be anticipated before an order along with a 14 Business Day delivery expectancy for your package to arrive. 

If you are located in Canada and have any specific interests in our Fasting Teas, we have recently opened our new Canada Pique Store with Natura as our partnered, Canadian-based distributor for more favorable shipping costs, delivery times, and reliability. Our Fasting Teas are our very first products available in this store, and we hope to expand our product options here as our customer base in Canada continues to grow. 


As our customer base grows, we hope for our international delivery destinations and options to grow as well, and we apologize if our international services and shipping locations are limited by this at this time. In the future, we strive to achieve enough demand overseas to warrant the necessity for international distributors, and in the meantime, we hope to for our reasoning to be understandable and to offer as many affordable options possible available for you to enjoy our teas. If you are unable to first ship your package to an intermediate domestic location (such as to a US-based relative, spouse or friend), there are many 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies who specialize in these services to make your international shipping options more suitable for your custom needs. Here are some resources we've provided below for these benefits: 

Typically for our international orders made directly from our site, general shipping costs tend to range between $16-28 per delivery. We unfortunately cannot grant free-shipping or discounts on these rates, which differ from our domestic shipping polices. USPS International tracking numbers help us monitor your package up until it arrives to customs, but our abilities to track it through customs and in your country are out of our range of control. Because of this, we highly recommend checking your customs restrictions on food and health products, using a reliable delivery address for international orders, anticipating potential customs and weather delays, checking in with your neighbors and building managers on delivery waits past 14 business days, and double checking your address. We cannot fulfill any international returns or refunds after an order is placed and shipped on our website. If your package fails to arrive, please let our team know by contacting us at so we may further assist you.


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