Why are Pique Teas more expensive than other teas?

A cup of Pique on average is about .86 cents per serving, and if you had a cup of black tea in the morning, green in the afternoon, and herbal at night, this averages to about $2.86/day. With this still being less than $3 a day for 3 cups, you're still paying for less than a single cup of coffee at a restaurant or espresso drink at a café. Coffee beans are notorious for their spiked energy intake that cause jitters and crashes. Tea on the other hand can help with sustained energy throughout your entire day while providing your body with calmness. Most teas on the market don't have enough dietary value to harness the natural benefits found in tea leaves, but not for Pique and this is is because of our quality, purity, processing methods, and form of consumption. We account for all of these in our costs, which reflect our higher prices, but accounting for what our teas can offer, we hope its worth it! Either way, it'll always be risk-free to try, for if you buy our teas and don't enjoy them, we wouldn't want you to pay for them. Your satisfaction our number one priority, no matter what and at all times, and our team will be happy to help you with a return and refund at teamakers@piquetea.com anytime.
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