"GET $10" Not Working

$10-for-$10 is referral based deal: in other words, to redeem this amount, an existing Pique customer can redeem this $10 deal on our website by emailing a friend $10 first who is a new customer with Pique. Once your friend makes his/her first purchase, you will be then sent your own $10 OFF code to use. These codes can't be sent first by new customers, to oneself, or other to pre-existing customers with Pique, but you can GET $10 OFF as many times as you wish for every new customer you create for Pique. 

If this doesn't help and you've tried these steps already, then there is potentially a security precaution blocking your friend from receiving their code or you from redeeming your own: if you've been able to follow our Refer-A-Friend policies, please explain in more detail where your issue arises so our team at teamakers@piquetea.com can further assist.

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