Health & Medical Inquiries: Restrictions, Our Limitations, & Recommendations

As a tea company, Pique is unable to provide any medical knowledge or health advice to any person or group, directly or indirectly, that could affect or influence someone's personal health and medical decisions without us being professionals in these fields.

Many of our teas and their ingredients have historical claims and use that promote their health benefits with medical results, but in no way are we responsible for these claims and cannot generalize uncontrollable or personal health factors, which can only be given by a medical professional who knows your own unique medical and health conditions.

We apologize if this is unfortunate news for your questions, but we hope our limitations are warranted here and inline with our expertise. We are always more than happy to discuss our products and what they are made of, how and why, which in many ways may be able to help you with the answers you're seeking, but must leave health and medical related inquiries for professionals who can only provide you the most accurate and valid answers for something as valuable and sensitive as your personal and unique health. 

FDA regulations on products like ours limits our abilities to discuss the majority of health and medical topics with any customer, advocate, affiliate, sponsored partnership, third-party group or inquiring person, which includes both direct and in-direct knowledge and claims made through sponsorships or marketing. For more questions we can help with, please message us at

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