Negative Health Experience, Side Effects Or Reaction: What To Do

Personal health is unique and different for everyone, and we highly recommend reviewing our website, FAQs, and product descriptions for assistance in understanding how our teas may affect yours. We hope to provide as much information on our teas as possible, yet we always encourage talking with your doctor or physician about how our teas may affect your personal health. If you've already experienced a negative side affect or reaction from our teas, here is what we suggest to do depending on the situation:

Nausea or Stomach Aches

Our teas are highly potent compared to brewed leaves, but everyone is different from the sensitivity of the effects. There is a much higher dose of antioxidants and catechins in fasting teas as compared to regular tea. This acts as an appetite suppressant, but if you are sensitive to its effects, it will manifest a negative experience, which might mean the problem is that it is working too well! If you are having this problem, then I suggest taking half or even a third of the cup, spreading it out over time, or using a larger volume of water. We also recommend taking the tea with a meal as a solution, which you would still be getting the same benefits from the tea if you break your fast with it and your first meal. 

Allergic Reactions, Vomiting, or Irregular Digestive Issues

For more serious health issues, please contact your doctor and our team to assist at as soon as possible.

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