Build-Your-Own-Bundle: FAQs & Policy

Can I customize my bundle? 


Go to limited offer to view our current Build-Your-Own-Bundle deals and select teas you can mix, match and save. 

Can I apply a discount code?

Additional discounts and codes do not apply for our limited time offer bundle deal.

How do I build my own bundle? 

1. Go to

2. Click "Select" below each tea carton to add to your bundle. 

3. Click "Remove" on any added tea carton to swap it for another flavor. 

4. Once bundle is full, calculate your savings, then click "Add To Cart" for Checkout

Which teas can I select in my bundle?

Select from any of the teas available on our Build-Your-Own-Bundle page, linked above. This is a selection of all of our regular green and black teas, herbals, fasting teas, Pu'er teas, TCM Elixirs, and our Sun Goddess Matcha. 


What are my savings? 

Depending on your preferred deal, you will save on free shipping and you'll receive up to 1-2 free cartons of tea. 

Which carton is free?

The free carton will be the lowest-priced carton in your selected tea bundle. 

Can I change the tea types, quantity, or parameters in this deal?

Our BYOB deals are automated and only redeemable within the available parameters of the deal, which cannot be granted exceptions.

Can I choose the same teas more than once? 

Yes! If your tea is listed in our deal, you can repeat the same flavor as many times as you wish! 


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