What is the Healers Circle?

The Healers Circle is an exciting new community designed to celebrate our shared quest for radiant health and higher consciousness! Members can get exclusive access to immersive experiences, tea accessories, and more. 


Here's more information about how the program works:

There are lots of different ways to benefit: share Pique with your friends, participate in our Facebook community, or purchase/subscribe to your favorite teas! 

Joining and being a member is free! - If you are able to log in and view your account, then that's it, you're in the Healers Circle and ready to start gathering acorns! 

How it works is you are placed into a level according to your purchase activity in the past calendar year. Everyone starts at zero acorns since the launch of the program on March 1st, and you'll be able to gather acorns in several ways: share with friends, build community in our Facebook Group, or purchase/subscribe ($1= 5 acorns purchase).

To join the Healers Circle or learn more, simply visit piquetea.com/hc. 

We are incredibly grateful to have you as a customer and we hope to have you as part of our Healers Circle! 

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