What Does "Natural Flavoring" Mean In Your Ingredient Descriptions?

Certain teas, such as our Passion Fruit and Peach Ginger teas, are formulated with "natural flavoring."

Our natural flavoring ingredients are all organic and vegan. They may or may not be made with the plant referenced in the flavoring and are most likely made with a combination of different plants and fruits. 

We cannot tell you for certain if these ingredients will break a fast because, technically speaking, even tea breaks a fast in the strictest sense. However, the benefits of drinking tea while fasting outweigh the minimal drawbacks. 

The honest truth is that, while we source the absolute best organic natural flavors available, the teas made with natural flavoring are not the purest. This is why you will not see us developing new products that use natural flavorings.

For this reason, we have tried to discontinue both the Peach Ginger and Passion Fruit teas. However, due to customer demand, we decided to bring them back. We also continue to offer them so that they may act as a starting point through which we can introduce new tea drinkers to tea and help them graduate to drinking unflavored teas, of which we have many. 

Almost all flavored teas on the market involve the use of flavoring, in many cases artificial ones, which are actually harmful to health. We recommend avoiding those that contain artificial flavors, reading labels carefully and being suspicious of any teas which claim to have flavors that sound too good to be true, like 'Birthday Cake' or 'Strawberry Almond Cupcake.'

For further questions, message our team for assistance at care@piquelife.com.

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